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Pre-school Classes

Mini & Me Dance

2-3 Years
Let your child experience our wonderful and magical dance programme to journey into the world of dance, mime, rhythm, musicality, storytelling and creativity.
Your child will jump, skip, swirl, tap, bop and float through a motivating and structured 45 minutes of compelling movement and imagery.

Mini Groovers at Cirencester Dance Club

Mini Groovers

2-3 Years
This is the start of your child's exciting & magical journey at Cirencester Dance Club where they'll explore dance in a fun & relaxed way. We use props and games to introduce music and movement to your little ones.
Watch as your child grows in confidence and starts to explore their independence in this magical 30 minute class!

Cirencester Dance Club Preschool Class

Midi Groovers

3-4 Years
An innovative new approach to introduce dance to our youngest stars!
This class explores all dance genres we offer in one wonderfully imaginative 45 minute class.
Your child's confidence will continue to grow and watch their creativity blossom!

Children's Classes

Ages are a guideline


5 - 6 year olds

Tippy Toes & Tappy Feet at Cirencester Dance Club

Tippy Toes & Tappy Feet

5-6 Years
If your child likes to twirl and leap around the house, then it's time to dance on over to this class!

Using props and imagination, proper ballet, modern and tap techniques are taught in these classes. Perfect for those families who maybe short of time.

Future Stars at Cirencester Dance Club

Future Stars

5-6 Years
Imagine your child spinning with joy, singing with excitement, leaping with delight and full of smiles and giggles!

Our Future Stars classes are designed to be enjoyed. These classes combine Urban Modern, Dance Fusion and Musical Theatre.

7 - 8 year olds

Tutus & Taps at Cirencester Dance Club

Tutus & Taps

7-8 Years
It's time to shine in this wonderfully, inspiring dance class.
Children enrolled in our 'Tutus & Taps' class will learn the steps and techniques of Ballet, Tap and Modern in a more structured class. These classes are still full of FUN and 'magical moments'

These classes are 90 minutes long, so gives you a fantastic break!

Shooting Stars at Cirencester Dance Club

Shooting Stars

7-8 Years
Is your child always singing and dancing?
Then this is the class for them! Our Shooting Stars classes combines Urban Modern, Musical Theatre and Dance Fusion. Our teachers will NURTURE your child to achieve their personal SUCCESSES and goals. '

These classes are 90 minutes long, so gives you a fantastic break!

9 - 12 year olds

12 - 18 year olds

Dance, Musical Theatre & Gymnastics

CDC Dance Youth Groups

Adult / Senior Classes

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