Cirencester Dance Club aims to encourage an interest in and enjoyment of dance and performance, for anyone within the local community, regardless of age or ability. Our members gain self-respect, confidence and discipline and are encouraged to develop their musicality and stage awareness, whilst learning dance styles such as Classical Ballet, Tap, and Modern dance, and performing in classical ballets, variety shows and taking regulated exams. Classes span the entire age range from 2 to adult, with an emphasis on non-judgemental participation and enjoyment. The Club is managed by a voluntary Committee, elected by its parents and pupils. In 2007, in recognition of its contribution to the community, the Club was granted charitable status. All classes are held at The Bingham Hall in Cirencester.

Russian Ballet

The Russian method of Ballet education has been devised and refined over centuries. The goal of this system is to produce artistically expressive, technically able, powerful dancers through a well balanced and highly logical method. The strong technique of this system creates what is often termed "the Russian style", which is immediately recognisable. It is, however, more than a style, it is the solid foundation of pure classical ballet.

Pre-School Classes